Expert Support for the Citizen-Centered Leadership Development Series - the first of its kind!

Eight international leaders contribute video-taped interviews to the overlapping body of knowledge that comprises the Citizen-Centered Leadership Community of Practice course of study. Framed in the context of citizenship, course material covers the range of citizenship, leadership, organization development, community organizing to employment and person-centered practices and more, making this the first of its kind to integrate into one main area subject matter that crosses disciplines within and beyond the disability service arena.

In addition to providing insight and commentary throughout each module in the series some of the featured areas to look for include John O'Brien, one of the world's foremost leaders in the field, as he provides an in-depth historic account of the evolution of the disability service field and the disability rights movement right through to the birth of the person-centered approaches so prevalent today. Diana Whitney addresses the subject of organization transformation by introducing Appreciative Leadership and Appreciative Inquiry, two highly successful approaches in contemporary organization strategic planning and design. Beth Mount, Jack Pearpoint and Michael Smull, each notable pioneers and advocates of the inclusion movement, discuss person-centered planning and community inclusion and the role that it plays in cultivating citizenship in communities; Mike Green lends his knowledge of community organizing and development using an asset-based process while Denise Bissonnette and Connie Ferrell bring their expertise in customizing individualized employment and using non-traditional approaches to job development.

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