Citizen-Centered Leadership

Facilitated courses and independent study

Person-Centered Planning Lesson 1: Introduction to Person-Centered Planning

Before governmental regulations and rulings there was person-centered planning.  Mandating person-centered planning as a program service has led to a shift in what it means to be genuinely person-centered. This lesson offers a brief overview of person-centered planning through the lens of its original context.

Person-Centered Planning Lesson 2: Core Values & Principles

This lesson covers the bedrock of person-centered planning and practice. It explores common values and principles that are fundamental to all good person-centered approaches.

Person-Centered Planning Lesson 3: Planning Methods

This lesson offers a thumbnail look at six different planning approaches and points the way to how you can learn more about them.

Person-Centered Planning Lesson 4: Person-Centered Organizations

The quality of the person-centered planning experience depends 100% on the questions we are willing to ask and how we choose to respond to what we hear.  This lesson discusses three different organizational designs that impact the quality of person-centered services.

Person-Centered Planning Lesson 5: Citizen-Centered Leadership

From Consumer to Citizen.  This lesson is an invitation to join a growing network of people committed building communities where All Means All (tip of the hat to Marsha Forest). It is the trailhead of a much deeper experience that challenges you to become a citizen-centered leader.